Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Crafting with Books! (And still w/only 1 Paperback!)

Honestly, only 1 book and I have more crafting to go! The first pb I ripped to shreds was "The Horse Whisperer". Nothing against the book itself--it was the right price and the cover will work for yet another project (to be revealed on another day).
This weekend, I worked on my ornaments and a plaque. Luckily, I had purchased just the right plaque at Salvation Army months ago! (For under $1!) I knew then that it would be repainted or re-surfaced, but I wasnt' sure at the time exactly how I would change it.


The ornaments started from crafting glass ornaments that I purchased at Micheals. A bit of Modge-Podge, glitter and glue and a few hours later...presto!
The plaque is simply pages from the book, letters I cut using the Cricket, and two of my "instant family" that I keep on hand.

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