Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Monster High Clothes

   After tonight's sewing frenzy, I believe I need to get back to work. Between creating bib-style necklaces, sewing MH clothes, revising my Nano-novel, family and work, I've managed to neglect all the basics of household management! (At least my neices' dolls will no longer need to wear the same clothes day-after-day...a doll's life can really stink at times...)

   I figured I'd go ahead and post the images of the pieces that I'm actually passing on to the girls after today. I've found all the wonderful people and postings at the Monster High fanpages extremely helpful. I've managed to slice and dice a few of the "patterns". Hopefully, during the next snowday (HA!) I'll get a chance to create the next new "Monster" creation!

(Above: "Blue Glam" and "Now Where Did I Put Those Keys?")
(Below: "Jillian M. makes me do extra ab work" and the newest set of MH doll-clothes)


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  1. Cute, cute. Adust your images...lighten up. come in closer so we can see all the fab details. Wanna borrow my great new light? It works fab. thanks. L,M